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Edgar Westbury Hot Air engine


I enjoyed a previous post/thread on a Westbury Heinrici style hot air (stirling) engine. Last month I purchased this Heinrici model Stiring engine at the "Cabin Fever Exposition" auction in York, PA. It came with the complete set of Edgar T.Westbury blue prints (2 pages). As in most auctions you don't know if what you are bidding on "runs", has hidden damage or other issues. I took a chance.... and bid and won the auction. After cleaning it up, lubricating it well I had it running the next day...and it runs great! The water tank is filled with water and then the water circulates "naturally"...there is no water pump. After 15 minutes of running you can feel that the tank water has indeed heated up by natural circulation. The burner is just a kerosene/alcohol wick burner and does well.
Attached are several pictures of it. When I got it everything was painted the maroon color...even the water tank, and it did not have any decals. I wanted to leave the original engine paint alone, but I did paint the tank, added pinstripping and made up some decals. I felt the old girl needed some pazaze since she is such a good runner.
I'm very pleased and happy I took a chance on it!



A very good buy!!!
And you fixed her up beautifully!!!

I really need to get mine up and running!
Bought mine as a non runner and managed to get her running, but needs a lot of heat.
I want to make some new parts for her to try and lighten it up a bit.
The displacer is brazed copper plate and weighs almost a pound!!

One day she will be good to go!

Thanks for the great pics!!