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Elden DuRand Collection For Sale - earlier post #1 added for detail

Elden DuRand

In Memory Of
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It is with regret that, due to having my home and shop trashed by hurricane Miichael I will have to dispose of all my shop equipment and the engines I have built over the past decade or more.

The list includes ten of my homebrew designed and built engines and The Algore Edition Green Hybrid Hoyt-Clagwell tractor.

ENGINES: The engine on the above tractor, The Mystery Engine, The One Valve Engine, The Scotch Yoke Engine, The Compressor Engine, The Non McVickerish Engine. The Lenoiresque Engine, The Non-Rotary Valve Engine and The 30-60 Engine.

I'm keeping The Homebrew Engine and The Upside-Down Engine.

All engines and the Algore tractor will be supplied with all drawings, extra parts, shop notes, etc.

Note: All but three of these engines have been partially submerged in salt water and have been triaged by washing off with fresh water and draining crankcases where applicable. Cylinders have been drenched with oil and outside metal painted with oil. None of the engines are stuck and all of them (except the Lenoiresque, a non-compression engine) show compression and, except for the inevitable surface rust, should be easily rehabilitated.

It's all gotta go. Machinery, materials, jacks, parts, air compressor, shelving, etc. if it doesn't sell, I will give away the rest. What's left will have to be bulldozed and hauled off.

If interested, you can see all of the engines and the tractor at my website.

There is also some electronic equipment including a Tektronix digital storage scope, function generator, Fluke frequency counter, power supplies, a wealth of resistors, capacitors, transistors, transformers, meters, some audio gear and other electronics I've collected and used in my circuit design business and hobby.

The sale wasn't a roaring success but I did sell the Jack of All Trades engine for the reserve price. The buyer got the Lenoiresque engine as a bonus.

I also gave the Diesel engine to a web page watcher who drove all the way from Texas to meet me and take his engine home.

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David Jones

Elden DuRand Collection

"I got a call from Elaine DuRand (Elden's wife) this evening. She needs help selling Elden's engines and shop equipment. It all needs to go as the remains of their home is going to be torn down. He had a vertical milling machine, machinist lathe, other small tools and equipment. If you have any interest in any of these items see pictures at www.eldensengines.com, please contact Elaine at elden@eldensengines.com, or call her at 850-899-zero three four three.

David L. Jones