Electric Winch power cord

David Erb

I'm trying to make a longer power cord for my electric winch and need help. I have a forward/reverse switch similar to those used on electric lathe. Will this work and what wires do i need to hook where. The switch i have has 3 connection slots on each side.




New member
If your winch is solenoid activated there will be three wires between the controller and the winch. One wire is hot and and the other two go to the solenoids. The switch is a double throw to shunt power from the hot wire to one or the other of the solenoids to reverse the direction of the winch. I purchased a wireless remote for my winch that has a range of 50-60 feet from the winch itself. My trailer is 51' long and the remote saves a lot of time and aggravation not having to unroll and drag a cable around. Hope this helps.

David Erb

Thanks for the advise. Thru talking to people at Hay Creek show, an engine buddy was able to show the right wiring diagram. It now works great. No more kissing someone you know what for help.

Again thanks