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Elim 3600 Storm Series Generator


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Hello. I have a small Elim Elm3600 storm series generator that has a bad capacitor. When the capacitor failed, it rendered the numbers illegible. I was in contact with the Generator Guru, and they suggested using this forum. The thought was that if anyone has the same unit, perhaps they would be willing to get the numbers off their capacitor. Thank you in advance!

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Re: Elim 3600 storm series generator

Welcome to STAK Willie...….. :)

I moved your question to the generator forum.


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I can't help, but can you post any pictures of the whole unit and any other views. It may help. Pics worth a 1000 words...

Good luck, this is a great site.



Hi Willy,

Very good chance your generator uses a 10-25 uf capacitor in the field winding feed. Not too hard to find the correct value by experimenting. Especially if you have a stash of motor and compressor run caps saved from old air-conditioners headed for the trash.

Note that you want -Run- caps, not "start" caps. These will be round or oval metal cans, not the black bakelite cans. Most will be rated for 270 volts ac or higher. Plenty high for genset use.

Make your life easier by making up a pair of wires to extend the original wiring out thru the cooling slots on the gen-end cover. Hook up a 10uf cap and start the engine. Make sure you are at 3600 rpm/60 Hz. Check the voltage no load and with a load. If voltage is low, try again with a bigger cap. Caps can be connected in parallel to increase total capacitance. Ie: 10uf parallel with 5uf yields 15uf.

Find a value that gives 115-125v no load, and stays close when load is added. Once you know a working value, you can search for a replacement that will physically fit inside your generator. Or just cover up the connections and strap the big cap to the side of the set.

For what it's worth, I've not seen very good life from the little Chinese rectangular epoxy box caps. If you go that route you might want to get a couple so you will have a spare when needed.

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for all the information. That definitely gets me pointed in the right direction!