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Emerson Brantingham Power Cultivator and other at Aumann in Nokonis IL


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I'm new to Smokstak, so forgive me if I post something incorrectly.
I got to go to the open house at Aumann's in Nokonis IL this weekend and I hope to post a few pictures from my visit here if I can figure out how to do that.
If I've done this right, you [everyone] should be able to see 4 pictures I just attached.
Is that a hard limit?
I have more pictures I'd like to share.
do I just have to post several messages to share those pictures?

- have patience, I'm new.
- EmersonFan



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Four Pictures Per Post with as many posts as it takes.

That works out good as it allows you to identify what's in the pictures if they aren't 'self-explanatory' and need a description.

Post Away and lets us see 'em.