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End of The Line For GTR Locomotive 1008


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Ever notice that when some politican wants to change something that the public has labored to save, they throw in that same old crap about how much money it'll cost to keep it! And they always come up with those mega amounts to prove it, who the hell are they pricing, some fortune 500 mega corporation? UP didn't spend that much to refurbish the Big Boy for rail use.

Andrew Mackey

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Somebody needs to start a write in campaign to save the train. If enough people express an opinion, then things may change. Perhaps a boycott is in order. Maybe a campaign to remove the stiff pockets, maybe garnish his pay for a while. Too many old things are being sent to the scrappers, history lost.

David Hoover

It will be far cheaper to eliminate the commission, keep the train and clean house at the parks commission and audit their value. I sent my letter


We all should try to do the same to save the three F units in Noblesville. The city is going to turn them into razor blades any day now.



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The article in the first post gives the impression that the town is looking to sell it to a museum or collector. They're not going to scrap it out yet at least. But they don't want to keep it any longer either.

That said, a million dollars to refurbish it? What kind of paint fumes have they been snorting? There's probably plenty of volunteers around to take care of it for them free of charge, like the group that saved it a decade ago.