Engine Rebuilds Down Under

Wayne Timms

Hi Guys,

I have been watching the thread on JDs unfold. I am not in the market for a JD but I am certainly better informed because of the posts from other collectors. So I thought I would post the following information to allow others to be better informed.

I am not the only member on this forum who has noticed a significant increase in the number of rebuilds of engines, which is happening in Australia. As engine prices have increased over the years, especially small (3hp) english engines, such as Blackstone, Hornsby and Crossley. There are more and more engines appearing which may have one or two original parts and the rest is remade.

In one of the cases I have seen the crankcase is original, but everything else is new.

Some of the these manufacturers didn't stamp engine numbers on the crankcase, so you maybe buying a gas engine which started life as an oil engine. With its engine number being adopted from a smaller part.

On these desirable engines, the Australian auction prices are comparable to overseas prices. So if you are offered something from Australia at a great price, I would have a really good look before buying.

There is nothing wrong with rebuilds, and actually in some cases it means engines that would have been scrapped can be run again - which is a good thing. But I think it is unfair to buy something you think is mostly original only to find that one or two parts are the real thing.

Hope this information is helpful.