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Engine Show Insurance

Jim Metzger

I am not sure if anyone has a concern regarding personal liability insurance pertaining to protection needed in the event there is an accident or theft at an engine show or anytime you may be showing engines, tractors or the like.
We have all seen the many instances where an accident could occur or have wondered why more accidents have not occured during such shows. When I show my collection of engines running at shows I am normally in the display area. Most shows run over 2 or 3 days and that means that, in my case at least, I close my display in a tent like structure and leave the sight until the next day. Many times I show my complete Briggs F series of engines and while the probabilty of an accident is not emminent, the possibility of one or more rare, expensive engine getting legs during the night has always bothered me. Most show organizers do not provide theft protection or liability protection if an accident occurs. Even if they do offer accident protection, the accident victim could sue the owner if they sensed that there was another set of pockets to pick.
I have found an insurace company called BW Insurance at
1-800-427-9818 who seem to understand our concerns and offer a policy that can be tailored to anyone's collection.
Comments welcome.
Thank You Harry for a great forum. :)


Many shows allow exhibitors to camp within their display area, ours does. In that way you are close to your display and as such provide your own security. By having completely filled display areas makes it more like a campground and less like display areas, but there they set in behind fences. Most folks cover them at night to keep the dew off.







Greg Hayden