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Ensign Carburetor Throttle shaft


I have a late model 10-20 IHC Titan with an ensign carb. The throttle shaft has some slop to it, so I am attempting to put bushings in the carb body and possibly make a new throttle shaft. I looked at McMaster Carr's website and they have several different types of brass rod. I'm not sure which would be best suited for making the new throttle shaft out of.

The options are:
ultra machinable 360 brass rod
tight tolerance ultra machinable 360 brass rod
easy to machine architectural 385 brass rod
marine grade 485 brass rod



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Plain 360 brass will work fine. Some of the other grades might shine in certain situations but for a throttle shaft that will probably not see enough use to ever need replacing again plain 360 will work fine. If you don't already have an assortment of slotting cutters be sure if you buy one to get it a few thousanths wider than your plate. It will not cause any problem and make disk installation much simpler. For the bushings 841 or 863 bronze will work well. I prefer not to use the exact same material on two bearing surfaces when possible as it reduces scoring. Good luck.



I went with the 360 brass rod. I also got some oil embedded bronze sleeve bearings to use as the bushings.