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Erricson Engine Pump Parts Question

Andrew Mackey

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Does anyone have a parts diagram for an Ericson engine? Our engine club has had a 5" engine donated to us. It was a pile of parts! It has now been assembled, but we need to know how the lower (inlet) check assembly was put together for the water pump. The spring is rusted to bits, and we only have a few pieces of the check. Please help! It apparently was built 1906-7 from the design - single cylinder with the displacer down the center. the original tag is long gone, is there another place the engine S/n might be found? This is a locally used engine (Sussex County NJ), and we would like to get it running again. Is anyone making replacement parts for the engine mounted pump? Thanks!

Brent Rowell

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There are some cutaway views of some of the Ericsson pumps in the old catalog reprints, but there were several variations in the pumps, so would need to know which type it is. How did you determine the date? Hard to know even with the serial no. If you can find the number I can give you an idea. They were often stamped into the top of the cylinder in addition to the nameplate--hope you can find it. Don't know of anyone making pump parts although Don Worley might have something or be able to make it--but I think you're already in touch with him.