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Essex Mixer

Bill D

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I am looking for the fuel line union & nut for a small Essex mixer on a Waterloo boy engine. Or can someone give me some dimensions and drawings so I can make the parts for myself.

Thanks Bill

Jim Parrott

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A little while back I made some Essex mixer parts to get an engine running. The inlet fitting was nothing special and the nut came out of a junk can. I think the nut was for a flare fitting and I just enlarged the hole a little. I will eventually take it back off and finish the cosmetic machining to make it look original.





The engine I'm working on has this kind of odd Essex Mixer on it.
It had two inlet lines on it which I assumed was a "duel fuel" mixer like gasoline and kerosene. Upon tearing it down (it was crammed with a mud wasp nest) and after a non destructive acid bath of the brass and steel parts I discovered one port is for FUEL and the other is for WATER. At least thats how they are marked! I plan on piping propane into the "water port" and gasoline into the "fuel port".
Anybody else use one like I plan on??

I'll post some photos of the rebuild and the propane demand valve when I finish it next week.