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Eu7000 is Shutting Down Randomly. Code E-0A


just wanted to chime in with same issue, 2 gcu's and multiple other parts replaced and still same issue, also can verify 4 other owners here in R.I with same issue. there has got to be an easy fix, how has Honda not addressed this yet?
Maybe the fuel sock filter in the tank?


Here we go again! !! After a nice LONG run without any issues my main 7000i is coughing again.
I 1st noticed it hard starting, now it quits fast under any load. Replaced sock, guess I'm gon a have to try a pump.
I'm so tired of this BS


Chiming in to update an old thread. Unit was sent to the dealer. $450 later, a spark plug and filter sock solved the problem.

Apologies for the late update.


Same problem here. I'm in an off grid community in the Sanoran Desert. Summer temps average 107F. My 7000 is 3 months old with 530 hours. It runs no more than 3 hours then fails with a E0A code. I open the doors and put a large window fan on it and in an hour it's back up and running. I believe this high tech generator is suffering from a problem I experienced in my first car 60 years ago, vapor lock. I had a '49 Mercury suffering from vapor lock replaced the fuel pump with one with higher pressure and problem solved.

The point I'm making here is that I don't believe the cure for this failure is rocket science. If a 16 year old kid can fix a similar problem 60 years ago, the high dollar engineers at Honda should be able to work it out.

I have owned 5 Honda gennys over the years, they make a fine product. However, in the case of the EU7000is, I believe they sacrificed reliability in hot climates for noise abatement.

I have been corresponding with Honda tech support, they "refereed the problem to their engineers". I don't see a quick resolution to this problem. That's my two cents.


Just an update on my E0A issue. We have experienced several days with temps exceeding 108F with high dew points and humidity the genny has not failed. What was the high tech fix you ask? I removed the gas cap, that's all. We're having temps exceeding 110F this weekend that will be the real test.

Why did removing the gas cap fix the problem? Hell, I don't know. Unless, it's creating a vacuum due to a bad vent in the cap and by removing it the tank is able to "breathe" better? We'll see what happens this weekend.


OK, I believe my low tech work around cured my problem.

I started the 7K at 1300 with the gas cap on and locked. It is now 1500 and it just died, like it always has. The temp. is 107.5F, humidity 27% dew point 67F.

The E0A failure I'm experiencing is due to gas starvation. If I run with the gas cap cocked, so more air gets in, it works fine. Yesterday we had the same weather we have today and I left the gas cap ajar, it ran until 2000 until I shut it off.

So, before you tear your hair out, replace fuel pump socks, or the GCU or take it to the dealer, who will find no problem, here's a tip. Take off the gas cap! :)

Now this is just a work around, the top flight engineers at Honda need to do a root cause analysis of the E0A failure and come up with a fix.

Seems to me I just created a market for a modified gas cap. You engineers and machinists could come up with replacement that works! :)