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Facebook Engine Links


A mate of mine finds good engines on facebook these days but i havent got facebook.
Is it possible to put up links or something here on smokstak when people come across these un accessible engines ?
I know, i know, just join facebook. But i dont want to!


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Re: Facebook engine links

U can put a facebook link on here im sure but unless u have a facebook account u would never beable to view it. So if u dont want a facebook account the links will be of no use


Re: Facebook engine links

I refused to go on facebook for years, until i found out there is engine groups on facebook!! Just join up, don't have any friends, keep all your settings private and join all the engine, tractor groups. There is pretty much a group for every different make of engine plus groups that cover all engines. I thought facebook was just all gossipy show off nonsense but you can simply avoid all that. Well worth having. I had to get my Wife to show me how to do it all!!

Scotty 2

Re: Facebook engine links

Hello Darryl.
I'm not on facebook. Our dog is though. He likes looking at the pictures and videos in Ian's Southern Cross page and Spiro's old Australian Outboards page. Occasionally he'll look at an old mower page, but he thinks there's a few too many tossers there. :O

Cheers Scott

john gilbert

Re: Facebook engine links

Hi Daryl and others, as mentioned , Facebook has many Engine sites to look at and you don't have to have everybody looking at YOUR site simply by not adding friends, I have Facebook under "johnthetankman" and have just Engine people and relatives I want and other mates. My biggest problem on Facebook is actually getting on to the computer as the missus (partly cripple) is on the bloody thing from breakfast till bed time. I have to get on before she is up in the morning otherwise I don't get on at all. She dosen't go to bed till 1.00am daily. She is often talking to our Daughters on Skype for god know how long, daily, one interstate the other in Vietnam, It is a great thing to get to know what is available and who you want to talk to other than using email.
cheers, John


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Facebook is what you make of it. I ignored it for a long time because I'm busy with engines and old iron here. Then I found out that my "whole fam damley" is on there, in fact, the whole extended family.

So I went on and built a page. I also realized that Smokstak lost a lot of members to Facebook, so I thought, why not steal some back and I did! A good dose of Politics is on there slugging it out as well in good fun. I've built up 7,000 likes, more than likely because of politics. One of our parties has many arseholes to pick on.

1,446 friends were accumulated in short order. At this point, I hesitate to seek more because there are hackers out there too.



Harry, you make an interesting point, about Facebook “stealing” forum users. I have to admit it’s easier to use Facebook, purely as it’s all in one place. I’m also a bit of a valve radio restorer, and same thing, I found myself drifting to Facebook. So I make sure I pop in to the forums, and to be honest, a lot of knowledge lies with older blokes, who just don’t go in for the jazzy Facebook scene, but are happy with the forum scene.


facebook is very 'now' which is both its best and worst feature.

it is good for current info sharing among its groups / pages etc,
but not all have a search function, and comments / replies etc do get buried under layers of replies to replies, comments on comments,
so can be almost impossible to refind at some later time than 'now'.

these forums are much better for getting a lot of relevant info together under a topical thread heading, so making it much more future useful like a library.


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oh yes, links which we cant see, and/or dont work:
when links do work, they are great, so keep them coming;

but they are useless for those places which are only visible to members,
so when you find something you think needs sharing outside that group, then use the 'printscreen' to save a picture,
then post that picture here,
then we can read the picture with its info,
and the picture will stay here when the link stops working.

i like to use a picture editor to 'cut' or 'crop' out only the relevant section,
and shrink it a bit.

communications = another moving target of the advance of technology,
but like everything, we only get out of it what we put in.
cheers Rod.