Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2 z parts engine

Picked up a parts z engine and found a few parts marked FZA. Where these for special applications? I know the cooling condenser will fit on my 2hp dish pan, looks like the other part is for battery coil spark timing. The side off the water hopper has drilled threaded studs? Thanks


Andrew Mackey

Most likely parts for the F/M ZA Special Electric or heavy duty engine. The ZA was the open crankcase versiion of the Z type F/M engines. More likely the Special Electric, as it has the timer assembly (or part of it anyways). The Special Electric was a generater engine, and had coil ignition, powered by a resister in the generater control box, but you can run the engine on battery and coil like the later Competition engines. Nice finds! You dont see too many intact condensers. The SE and Heavy Duty sngines have a fan assembly attached to one flywheel and shrouding to direct air thru the condenser. They also had a heavier, wider flywheel to help balance out speed variation from the power impulses. A belt was run off the OD of the wide flywheel and the crank was long enough to add a pulley for Power Take Off, if you wanted it. The condenser assembly was used on 11/2, 3, and 6 HP engines. Dimensions would help identify what engine they came off of

You probably could mount the condenser on your engine, but without the fan and shrouding, it would not be very effecient,
Thank you for the info, unfortunately it has more parts missing, it’s basically a 1 1/2 hp short block with a condenser no flywheels, valves, mixer, governer and other small parts and what ever else to make it a heavy duty or special electric you mentioned But i knew it was far from complete but got some other parts I could use and few unique parts too