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Fairbanks Morse 118


New member
Hello all, I'm kinda knew to this oilfield stuff so correct me if I'm wrong. I found a FM 118 for sale. It has the heavy flywheels which is guessed to make it about 7-9 hp and is cooled with a condenser(i think). It has a new sleeve, but needs rings, head gasket, and a rod bearing. I don't know much about it, so can anyone give me some info on it before I think about buying?

Robert Haus

New member
I have one of them...they are excellent, smooth running engines, and parts are readily available through Hit-and-Miss or Arrow, maybe other sources too. After Fairbanks-Morse sold this product line, several others continued producing them until very recently (maybe someone still makes them, I don't know)

What specifics did you need to know?



Quite a few parts for the "oil-field" Fairbanks engines turn up on eBay and I would guess that they will continue to do so for many years to come.

They often sell pretty cheap and they probably should too, so have patience if you go there and don't be hasty.

One note of caution regarding the eBay parts from the oil patches: ask a lot of questions! I can say from first hand knowlege that quite a few ZC "oil-field" Fairbanks parts on eBay are run-out junk parts that were left-overs from repairs and may have extreme wear or other damage (like corrosion, rust, etc).

I think there are some great deals to be had, but a lot of these parts are being sold as-is and with little information in the listing that indicates that they are worn out junk.

Pass on the worn-out junk. Save your bids for the parts that are in great condition, and there are some, now and then.


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Thanks everyone! I haven't purchased it yet, but now that I know it is a smooth-runner, I am very interested. Can anyone tell me about how old it is? Thanks Again