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Fairbanks Morse 20 kW gen


Russ Ingram

I'm looking for information on a Fairbanks Morse generator, circa 1959, that I'm trying to get running. I have a manual on the engine, but no info on the generator or the control panel. The data plates read as follows:

Engine Data Plate: Model EPS 222 Engine 113322 (This Fairbanks Morse number crosses to a Continental F226, spec number 1423).

Engine block casting: F600A 62 A 5 W

Dipstick: D600L-2170

Magneto: Fairbanks Morse Type FM XR6B16J Serial 4454045

Generator: Ser No 22622 Model 20AG-4RHO KW 20 KVA 25 PF .8 RPM 1800 Cycle 60 Phase 3 Volts 120/208 Amps 69 Temp rise 50 degrees C Wire 4 Exciter Volts 62.5 Amps 9.25 K.W. .6 Fairbanks-Morse Clinton, Iowa Works Made in USA

The wiring harness on the engine control panel had been cut up and rigged. Does any one know where I can find any schematics, manuals, or other useful info?