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Fairbanks Morse 6 hp Z Model



I am having a issue with the motor flooding.
The motor will start and run for maybe 30 seconds then I have fuel being pushed out around the spark plug.
The motor will stop and will not fire again unless I pull the plug and dry it.

What would cause this and how do I correct it?

Thank you for any help you may provide

Arlie Levy

Re: Fairbanks Morris 6 hp Z model

sounds like you are getting too much fuel. Is the fuel needle not seating right? Sometimes it is worn to the point it is letting too much fuel in. Try turning the needle all the way shut and see what happens. Good luck. Arlie


Thank you for the reply.

The needle is quite worn and a bit loose. I will work on it.

Thank you for your help

Pat D.:)


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Have you tried a new plug? Does it have good spark after it stops? I would also look at the air valve in the mixer. If it is to stiff it can pull to much gas.



Thank you for the reply and the tips.

The plug gets so wet spark it does not even give a hint at firing.

I will check out the needle in the air mixer