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Fairbanks-Morse Eclipse


Here are some pictures of the Eclipse engine I found at the Coolspring, PA engine show two weeks ago. Today, I added wheels and a handle to the frame it was mounted on when purchased. I also built a buzz box and wiped it all off a bit. The only thing left to do before seeing if it runs is to make the pick-up tube and check valve for the fuel. I even found the Fairbanks-Morse 42 volt DC generator at the same show. It should make a fitting accessory for the engine. So, hopefully, it will be running tomorrow. And if it is not, I'll probably be back on with some further questions! The only other engines I purchased at the Coolspring show were a Breisch Little Brother water cooled model engine that needed some work, but that I now have running, and an upright Maytag magneto-type engine. I will put pictures on when I find the proper categories!