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Fairbanks Morse FM-x2b7e Magneto


New guy here. A friend has asked me to help repair a Wisconsin TJD engine on an old log splitter. I'm not familiar with magnetos so I'm asking for advice. The engine will crank and run for 1-3 minutes and then shuts off instantly, just like you turned off the key. We removed the condenser and it has two spots where it appears to have been arcing from the case to ground. Have ordered a replacement, Standard S6-138, is that an acceptable substitute? Also there is a black wire coming from the Magneto, is this a ground wire to kill the ignition. The engine has been messed with before he got it and I'm wondering if someone might have assumed it should be wired to put 12 volts into the magneto. I won't be able to access the engine again until Wednesday, so I'm just trying to get my ducks lined up. Thanks in advance from an old Shade Tree Mechanic.


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The condenser you ordered should be fine. Never connect battery voltage to any magneto. If condenser does not fix problem it could be the coil. Assuming the wire is for grounding only it's possible it could have an intermittent ground so I'd try the engine without wire connected first. Be sure points look good and are clean while you're in there.


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Check the oil level in the crankcase. Some Wisconsin engines have a oil level switch to prevent the engine from running if the oil level is low.


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The TJD also has a temperature switch on the rear cyl head which earths the magneto when it gets too hot. You may have a dud swich assuming that it is still connected