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Fairbanks Morse model J --question


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I am down to getting the armature out of the bearing and don't want to break it. I have the seal out and the little wire snap ring off the shaft . It is very rusty and no movement so I'm thinking I need to get the balls out to remove the armature then worry about the inner race. Anybody have pics or advice? Thanks Mike


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If you're taking it all the way down and going to replace the bearing, maybe blast the rust off the shaft. Lubricate with your favorite and press out shaft. There will not be movement until you get the shaft clear of the bearing. It is a press fit. I have cut bearing races and removed balls on things before but never one of those mags. Mainly large rusty ones on baler rollers and the like. This bearing is "hidden" behind the housing. I just think it would be extremely difficult to cut the race enough to remove the balls and not damage something else. Best of luck to whatever you do.