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Fairbanks Morse T "Jack of all trades" 4HP (parts needed)

hanomag farmer


I`m a stationary engine- collector from Europe / Austria.
Last week I got a 4HP Fairbanks Morse engine with vertical cylinder. It ist a Model T "Jack of all trades".

There are a lot of parts missing! Now I search for them in the web.

I need all these parts:
complete ignition
complete carburetor
complete fuel pump
connecting rods
valve springs
Rocker arm + mounting
1 lid from the crankcase
3 piston- rings

Maybe I also need a piston
(at my piston a part is broken off)

The parts must not work! I`m able to repair them.
If you have this parts, or only one of these parts please write in english to: post@dreschkirtag.at

Is it possible to identify the year of building by the engine- number?

Thanks for help,
Regards Jakob:wave:


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If you do not get any answers repost this on the antique engine forum. Or maby one of the moderators will move it for you. Check our sponsors page. One of them may have a lot of the parts you need. I get a lot of my parts from Hit and Miss Enterprises. Bill K