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Fairbanks Z 6hp Magneto


hi all just got a6 hp throttle gov engine. It has a bracket on it that looks like I could take the mag off the 2 hp on put it on the 6 or did thet use a different mag thanks in advance

Andrew Mackey

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Re: fairbank Z 6hp mag

A few options. If the AB 33 or 34 mag, the trip finger will be a different shape and length. if a rotary mag, type R or J, the gear will be a different diameter than the one on the 2 HP. If san ignitor engine, unknown by me


Re: fairbank Z 6hp mag

Watersedge - A couple of words of advice as I have a FMZ 6hp and am currently working through the same challenge. The FMZ's used the AB 33/34 until 1926-ish and then switched to the R and eventually the J rotary mags. If your crank/gov gear is helical cut (gears cut at an angle), I would strongly suggest you install the AB 33/34 flipper mag as finding the helical mag impulse gear is (almost) impossible; I gave up after a year of looking and built one. If your crank/gov gears are straight-cut, the choice is yours; the 35 tooth straight-cut impulse gears are around, as are reasonably priced FMJ mags and impulse couplers.

Hope this helps, best of luck.