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Farm pump engine differences please see photos.


Hi All,

I have learnt a lot about the differences between different farm pump engine manufacturers.

I have just picked up more pumper parts and have a couple of different parts again.

One crank case has the magneto hole partly filled in as per photo 2, Southern Cross could it be an early crank case?

The 3rd photo has a different casting on the bottom right of the front housing. :shrug:

Can anyone help with these differences?

I am heading out to a property that has pumper parts scattered about, was going to try and collect the pieces to make a pumper with the WICO flick magneto, does anyone have some pictures? So I know exactly what the differences are and the specific pieces I am looking for.

Thanks Adam.



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Adam photo 3 looks to be a late style genuine F&J pump engine crankcase cover - or a very good copy of one. That little piece with the slot held the magneto eccentric drive gear J382. It was driven by a second gear from the counter shaft. Wico EK mag bracket was bolted to the shelf that held the gear driven magneto.