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Farymann Single Cylinder Diesel 22L0577


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I have a Farymann Single Cylinder Diesel 22L0577 Air Cooled Diesel Engine. It is missing Sheet Metal, Valve Rockers, Push Rods and Output Shaft. According to Farymann USA many of the parts for this engine are no longer available. The Cylinder, Head, Rod, Crankshaft and block all appear to be in good usable condition. The cooling fan is cracked. I would guess at some time someone flipped the decompression lever while the engine was running since the problem appears to be with the valve train. Does anyone have any information on this engine such a Horsepower, year built range etc.

Since the engine is not usable in its present condition I would be glad to part it out or sell the complete engine if you have a similar engine and need parts. It is a very heavy engine and shipping would be expensive. Probably about 70 LBS.


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I would watch ebay, every now and then you will see one. I think there are a couple of Farymann Diesels on there now, a V-twin just sold the other day that was beautiful for a $1,000.

here is a NOS with a tanny, but pricy;


Good luck,