FBM Z 6 hp


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Does any one know where I can find the roller that goes on the gear that trips the AB33 mag. I've tried Starbolt, Lee Pederson, Mark's mags and the one person that probally has it, Hit Miss Ent. hasnt answered his phone in weeks. I know he has health issues. Thanks

Andrew Mackey

Rots of Ruck trying to get a hold of H&M:mad: Sems they dont give a hot about their business lately. i dont know if that part is even available. Your best bet is to see if you can have one made, or convert the engine to the type R rotary and sell the AB33 to help defray the cost


I will try to look at mine tomorrow if it is not raining to hard. The Weathernet says we may get up to 3.5" - 4".


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Just heard from hit miss ent. They have the roller and will ship it with my previous order.Thanks for all the help!