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Feed Grinder Identification


I don't have a 100% positive ID, but it shares some similar design features with Sprout-Waldron, Nordyke & Marmon, and Stover stone burr mills. that said, I haven't found anything yet that definitively points to any one of those three makers. I'll keep looking, though.

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After doing some additional looking around, Sprout-Waldron seems to be the most likely candidate. The base frame on your machine looks a bit different from MOST S-W mills, but there is a corn crusher made by them with a similar looking frame underneath. The adjustment disc and locking lever shown on your machine is shared with other S-W machines. For some reason, S-W seemed to build machines with the belt pulley on different ends of the machine: If you stare at the belt pulley, most machines have the outlet spout on the Left side, but yours is on the Right. S-W made them both ways. I have also seen S-W mills where the two bolt-hole ears on top of the outlet spout held a vertical rod. On the top of that rod was where an adjustment knob would open/close a gate to control the flow of grain out of the hopper and into the stones. My personal opinion is that there is enough circumstantial evidence to peg this one as a Sprout, Waldron & Co gristmill.