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Finding a replacement leather for a Fairbanks Morse starting torch


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Does anybody know a good current vendor that I could order some replacement pump leathers for a starting torch from?

Thanks for any help.


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I'm not familiar with a starting torch but if you need water pump leather piston cup seals Lehmans in Ohio sells them as well as Dean Bennett Supply in Colorado. Hope this helps.

Jake Jacobs

Now we know!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/STARTING-T...-Hit-and-Miss-Old-Oil-Engine-FM-/233120812581

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Try this There are two Amish lantern businesses in Lancaster county PA which
might have something of the size you want. They are allowed to have a
telephone for their business, so you can call them, but I think one of
the non- Amish employees may answer it for them.

Lancaster Lantern
5465 White Oak Rd.,
Paradise, PA 17562
or their answering service (10-10:30 ET) at


Leacock Coleman Center / Peak Distribution
89 Old Leacock Rd
off Rt 340 near Smoketown PA
Email: Lea...@prodigy.net
Phone: 717-768-7174