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First weekend down at Coolspring 2015

Jonah Close

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The weather was just perfect for getting things done around the museum this past weekend. I had gotten got some more scraping and priming done on the Windy City building and now just about ready for beginning the final coats of paint and painting the window/door frames. All the painting should be done by the June show. :D Mike Fouco made some progress on the 50 Hp Flickinger setting up the side shaft and checking for any binding which there was none. That engine is coming together very nicely and he hopes to have it running within the next year given that everything goes together smoothly. :brows: I also installed some water traps, one in the main air line coming into the building to hopefully catch the water in the air system before it makes to the engines. The problem was that the water would soak the spark plug upon starting. The other trap is to catch the water before going out to the steam engine. Rod Fielder, the foreman of this operation, began to lay out the rest of the pump jack assembly for the steam engine display out side. We now have just about everything thing we need to start putting things together and completing the pumping display.

I will take some photos of progress on the scraping and painting and post them here when I get back down to the museum in May.

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The Flickinger with the side shaft temporarily installed.