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Flathead Continental with no spark


I have a Cat V40B forklift with a Continental F163 flathead four with battery ignition. I had someone using it and it overheated and died. Since then, no spark. I've replaced the cap, rotor, coil, condenser and still nothing. There is power to the positive side of the coil and continuity on the wire from the negative side of the coil to the points which don't look bad. Any ideas? I'm at a loss and really need to use this forklift.


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Have you tested with a test light connected between the negative terminal of the coil and ground and see if it flashes on and off while cranking the engine? If the light just stays on may try using a bit of sand paper between the points contacts followed with a piece of paper. Just because the points may look good doesn't mean they are making contact. May want to make sure the distributor is grounded good to the engine block. Others on here may have more suggestions and correct me if I happen to be in error.


Thanks for the help guys. At some point when the points were changed the spring ended up not being put on right and over time it grounded itself to the case. Changed the points and put the spring on the right way and it started up better than it has in years.