Florida Flywheelers Show Schedule

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The show dates for the Florida Flywheelers are: Jan. 17, 18, 19 & 20 In Feb 21, 22, 23 & 24

Also the show in Zolfo Springs is March 2 & 3

Gary A. Craig

Hello !
I was wanting to know which show is bigger and how do they compare with engines, tractors, flea market? Flywheelers or Zoloft springs ?

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Florida Flywheelers is by far the biggest show - I believe they have 230 acres of property. They also have tractor pulls which Zolfo does not have, and the Flywheeler's have huge engines in building's that they run every hour. Take your walking shoes or you can rent a golf cart.


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Hi, really hard to get info on Zoflo Springs, I plan on going I have sent emails and never get a reply,looking for info on GC rentals if one is needed, definitely need one for F. Flywheelers show,well worth attending

Big Bird

Show season has begun in Florida.... at the FL Flywheelers in fort Meade.
I Was there yesterday and the swap meet had a light turn out this year. Compared to the last show that I had attended in 2017.
Golf carts are available for rent if you have deep pockets... $100.00 a day for the rental... So bring your own butt buggy if you can it's only $5.00 more to bring in your own over the regular addmision price of $10.00 . With over 240 Acres of displays and venders there is a Lot to see and great conversations to be had with like minded individuals....
If you have not been to the show, it's definitely worth the price of addmision...
After all... It's better than sitting at the computer looking at pictures and wondering what these engines powered or what it sounds like at start up...
Get out there and show some interest and talk with the owners of some of the most fascinating engines ever built.... And enjoy the show..:salute: