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Flywheelers Fall Fuel Up


My name is Bob. New to this forum, and new to old engines in general. I have always been fascinated with old engines, hell, engines in general. Several things have aligned themselves and my son Trey (10) and I are fortunate enough to be friends with Mike Gardner.
Mike was friends with EJ Potter. Potter lived in a camper in Mike's yard for a time. Those of you who knew- or knew of EJ Potter know what a mechanical mad genius EJ was. Mike absorbed the genius, and the madness from being close toEJ.
So, yesterday I was at Mike's house to help him start his Allison V1710. The engine was manufactured in 1944. It's history until the late 80's is unknown to me. In the late 80's, Mike acquired the Allison, and with EJ's guidance installed the engine in a v-hull go-fast boat and proceeded to drive local law enforcement crazy on the water. The engine is now on a stand, fully operational, including the original Stromberg fuel injection. Most 1710's running today do not use the original injection.
Fueled it up and lit it off yesterday, but the injector was a bit stubborn. Stuck, barely open. Mike took the injector apart yesterday and got it cleaned up and reinstalled. Going to fire it up again today and let her come up to operating temp and give the throttle a couple of stabs.
We will be at the Fall Fuel Up with the Allison, an Economy 1-1/2 fully restored. Also a Copar Panzer fully restored along with a Panzer with a built SBC and 14" wide tires. The hit and miss will be powering a 24v generator to keep the Allison's starting batts topped up.
Trey and I are very fortunate to be friends with Mike- my son is going to carry on the love and fascination with these old machines into the next generation.
See y'all at the Fuel Up.