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Fmz 6hp ab33


I found a good ab33 mag and mounted it up. Could someone post a photo of the spark retard mechanism. Looked on line but cannot find. Ordered book from hit miss enterprise but have been waiting for weeks for that to arrive. I can start engine by flipping the fly wheels without crank, but the timing is to far retarded. I read there was a roller that flips out of the way when engine starts to advance the timing once fired. Any input appreciated.


It's a little flyweight on the cam gear that also acts as the trip itself. turning the engine over by hand, the weight falls in such a way that the trip finger on the mag is released later. when the engine fires, the weight flips out of the way and the trip finger is released earlier.

H&M enterprises is notoriously slow, but they will eventually get you your parts.


Lonnie Grissom

I found an old post some where here by Andrew Mackey which shows the flipper cam on 6 hp engine. Sorry I forgot how to get back to it. I have a cam on 15 hp. Don't know if it will work on 6 hp.