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Ford 9N V6 conversion

Steve Kunz

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Nice job! What all is involved to get everything to bolt up? Do they make kit for swapping engines?

Tracy T

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wasnt this the tractor that people use to swap in a flathead ford v8 back in the day? nice job by the way!:D:salute:

slip knot

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Nice. I bet it cackles pretty good out those pipes when you put a load on it.:brows:

Duey C

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That's just too cool! Those GM 4.3's sure have quite the personality. Daughter's drove an 89 Chevrolet 4X4 pickup for a few years that has the 4.3. Tough little buggers.
The guys that parade past me here over at the Albany Pioneer Days Show usually KNOW what I want. "Let's hear some noise!"
We've seen a Ford 6 and a Funk 8 or two. Dang it, they're nice. That GM V-6 is cool and odd Kirk. :)
A buddy Justin knows what I want when he passes by with his Cockshutt 30 with a SB 350 and long pipes like your headers.
He stops, "Justin, you know what I want." The wind up and the pitch. Or the babble down as it were! He obliges! :D
Vroom! bl, bl, bl, bl, bl, bl, bl. Love it.
Thanks Kirk!