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Found a small trove of history in taps


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While digging through the shop today to find something I havent seen in years I came across a small 1950's gray wrinkle paint Craftsman tin 1/4" drive socket set clamshell case I was given many years ago by a friend cleaning house that has long since passed I also havent seen in there in years. It was in a box of other stuff he collected over the years like a very well made small forged clamp on Stanley vice, an NOS Winchester miners flashlight with battery box, a large S.B.Church bronze plaque, a nickel plated ornate victorian twist door bell, and a Sparton Ah Ooh Gah horn off a 1929 Chrysler. I opened it to find it packed solid with very old odd taps by names I've never heard of. Lucky, Card, J.M. Carpenter Tap & Die Co, Hyde Park MFG Co, R. Steck & Co, L.B. Miller, Hercules ( F.E. Wells & Co), S.T. Co. Anyone ever hear of these and know when they closed their doors? I'm thinking these are 1900-1930's.