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Four Cylinder Palmer? or...


Hello folks,

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go looking at rusty iron.
We came across this lovely multi-cylinder beast complete with reverse gear.

My feeling is its Palmer but I really have no idea. What can you tell
me about it? Condition is rough. One of the cylinders is cracked almost
halfway around and the manifolds have suffered a bit.

What I do know is it was used in fresh water.

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-- Harry



J.B. Castagnos

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When I saw this post I had to go look at the Palmer cylinder I have, NOS. There were 3 or 4 of these remaining, no known engines. It's different with bolt on valve cages, I believe it's a Palmer F.



Thank J.B.,

As I mentioned in my PM the more I look at this the more I am convinced its a 40 HP Lathrop.

For the benefit of those not privy to the PM discussion: I could not find any identifying marks however, the gentleman who has it recovered it from Churchill Lake way up here in Northern Maine where it was used by the Madawaska Company in a boom boat. Its rough with some broken castings - the bonus being it was never exposed to salt water. The worst crack is in one of the cylinder blocks about an inch down and almost halfway around.

This morning I did find a corporate (Madawaska Company) record that lists four Lathrop 40 hp motors (s/n 3276, 3576, 3701 & 3706) This engine would have last ran during the summer of 1933 when the company abandoned their logging operations in the area.

Also note the water pump snuggled in by the reverse gear. Its a horizontal
piston driven off an eccentric running of the intake cam. That's sort of a Lathrop trait I believe.

I tried posting on the Antique Marine website but it kept timing out on me.
Maybe someone else would have better luck!

Not the elusive Palmer but still a good find!

Best regards,