Free SBC and BBC Engine Parts Rat Rod Parts


Please accept it as a gift. Most of that stuff was in the drawers of the 3 workbenches that have been stacked in my warehouse for years. I needed to unstack them, clean them off, pull all the drawers, cleanout drawers and put them in my trailer. I've got 1 workbench left to empty, then it gets flipped upside down and put back on top of another bench. Idea is to get the 3 benches into the space of 2 for transport. Idea for later this year is to load my whole shop on a semi and send it out west.


Definitely Appreciate It.

Only NEEDED One Starter Solenoid (at the moment), but the rest Will get put to good use and/or passed on to others.

In the mean time, like I suggested earlier, ""It might just as well fill up a corner at my place as yours"" :wave: and it's all currently on a bench in the basement.

Good Luck with your move.