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Fuller & Johnson FPE Rings Needed

Red Deer Bob

Hello - my first post - I'm looking for a set of rings for a F&J Farm Pump Engine. 1919, SN: 108454.
The piston measures 3.535", and the bore is about 3.540". An old ring pushed half-way down has 0.076" Gap. This engine has three sets of (2) rings - a top ring about 0.183" X 0.122" (+- 0.002"), and a lower one about 0.114" X 0.104" Piston ring grooves are 0.315"

Looking for a Canadian source or good used set if anyone has access to them?

Bob Red Deer, Alberta. 403-342-0267

Andrew Mackey

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I do not know of a ring source in Canada, but there are several guys on the sponsors pages here on the stak that can custom make rings for you.. Otto is one. Not sure if they are a sponsor but Niagra Piston Works also makes custom rings. I would replace the rings with single rings, with an overlap end gap. They make the best seal Your end gap should be .0015 to .002 inches per inch of bore. You should make sure that the bore is not worn tapered and that it is round. if out of round, your new rings won't seat. You also have to make sure your ring grooves are square with the piston, and are not worn width wise. your ring makers will tell you what you need to supply them with. good luck, and let us know how you make out with your project.