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Fun Day


Hi All I took the magnetic trailer out again today, and picked up an open crank McDonald and a Kelly and Lewis, but what makes it such a special day was that there was 4 generations from our family picking up the engines. There was my father myself and my son and the grandson on his first engine hunt. The grandson was over the moon when I told him he could have the Kelly and Lewis as his first engine.



What a great day you must ha e had Russell hope your grandson enjoys the process of restoring his engine.
Will this mean another MacDonald threat ? :giggle:
Cheers Dobbo

Famous Fitter

Hi Russell,

great to see your grandson is interested, looks like a Brumby carb on the KL? . Please do a resto thread on it if you can.

I am fortunate that we can still get 4 generations on the job too !!- great stuff.

I’m sure your old boy was proud as punch !!

Cheers Justin