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Gas engine mixer carby vapourizer


Has any listers converted their large Gas Engines to LPG or Petrol Vapour , via a Vaporizer adaption .
1} Remover Mixer from Head adapt Vaporizer
2} Screw on Vapour Line
3} Adapt Regulator
4} 9 kg LPG Bottle or a System of Petrol Tank that has ability to allow a Vapour , Vapour increases via a draught . Or air flowing over its surface .
Note : Allowing the Engine to Draw on a Vapour rather than a Liquid .

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The draught being drawn at the Vaporizer , Via small orifices surrounding the Vapor line connection .

Rather than the draught being drawn at the Tank .

Vapour vs Liquid Atomization

Fuel Pump Disconnected .


As a side note , if the Fuel [ gasoline ] were heated carefully , and the Fuel ' now ' with the addition of Water , obviously the Concoction is moving via heat , just boiling , the Vapor now comes with Atmosphere .

Andrew Mackey

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Heating gasoline to the boiling point??? sounds like a recipe for an explosion! Ever hear of a Bleve? Back at the turn of the 1900s, several 'vaporizers' were tried, using gasoline. They were not practical as it was VERY hard to regulate the amount of vapor used. Changing speed and load caused problems that could not be dealt with. Nice idea but it sucked. When the mixture ran lean, often the result was a backfire thru the intake, that more often than not, lit up the vaporizing device. BIG fires resulted.