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GE Repulsion Induction Motor / IR Air Compressor


Hello all,
Inherited a 1930ish Ingersol Rand T30 Air Compressor. Cant keep it running.
Badge Plate info:
Pump: Type 30 Size 3 & 1 3/4 x 2 30T 3330
Motor: GE Repulsion Induction 5SCR225 A3 Wired 60 cycle 220(30 amp breaker)
Cleaned out motor with cleaner/degreaser once. Brushes spark a good amount but trips breaker just prior to reaching top speed with and without belt on. Going to get new brushes this week and try them. Want to try everything before I turn it over to motor repair. I'll take all the info I can get.
Thanks for reading.



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NEAT!! How does the commutator look? Assuming that nothing else is wrong with the motor, brushes and commutator in poor condition could cause this trouble, with this particular type of motor.

Tripping a 30 amp breaker with a winding rated for 9-1/2 amps will quickly overheat the windings. Hopefully no damage has been done.


I started with the 20 amp breaker, but the wire coming out of the motor is 10 wire. It does fire up pretty good with the 30 amp. I guess I should change it back to 20 amp. It wasn't on long enough to get hot, I really don't think I hurt it any. The commutator I think looks good. The cleaner did a descent job.

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The initial start was a bit of a drag with the 20 amp.

R Schubauer

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I have a 1 hp Century repulsion induction motor on a compressor with worn brushes that would lift prematurely before up to speed with excessive sparking which eventually tripped the breaker.
Cleaned commutator and installed new brushes and problem solved.
Hope this is a fix for yours also....