Geiser-Peerless Photos

Pete LaBelle

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Whoops. Included a picture of his Avery by mistake in the previous posting.

They're still learning on that engine, as Buckley was it's second show, and haven't done a full successful Prony brake test. All reports of those operating it is that they are amazed by the amount of power it is generating.

Ryan Williams

Here's a few pictures of a 50hp Peerless that I got to run last weekend here in Brooks. It's owned by Phil Lanzarotta who recently had some boiler work completed on it after it was forced to sit for several years. An interesting note about it, it evidently was the very last engine off of the Peerless assembly line since it sat unassembled until 1939 when it was purchased by an Amish family. It has some quirks but it's the smoothest engine I have ever run thanks to its "cadillac like" suspension.

Beth V

These 2 photos belong in the Stak Calendar! They are gorgeous!...and a great comparison between the Geezer & the Avery.;)



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Beth, if you like you can PM me and I can send you some more. They are my mothers pictures. That evening at Buckley we decided to do a photo shoot of both of Tom's engines, the Peerless was just restored and the Avery had fresh boiler paint.