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Generac im-52-g generator


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Model# 9462-0
Serial# 1161115
This is in an rv. Was running fine driving a roof top a/c unit and suddenly shut down. Tried to restart but would not stay running unless I held the start button on.
Good girl pressure, lots of oil, sitting level , New low pressure oil switch. Out of guesses!!
Anybody out there help?? Please!!!!!!


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Excuse my ignorance but how would I go about doing that if it won't run?

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I may be in over my head here but please excuse my ignorance and explain how I can do this when it won't run???

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How do I do that when it won't run?? I think I may be in over my head!! Very limited knowledge about what I am doing!!!!!

Kevin K

Press the start button and hold it. When the engine starts running continue to hold the start button while someone else measures the AC voltage. Perform this test quickly.


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An outlet, at the panel, pull the generator apart and back of the breaker, something like that. It's not always easy and quick but the actual volts out can tell a lot about what is wrong.


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Is the RV plugged in? Need to make sure you were not just reading the utility. Does your RV use a automatic or a manual switch to go from shore to gen? Unplug it either way.

Need to get consistent measurement on the AC output.