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Generac iQ2000 Fuel Filter Replacement


I recently purchased Generac's iQ2000 to use at the cabin. We have used our Honda EU2000i for about a year and a half and wanted to give it a rest. The Honda has performed as expected after 137 hours and so far the Generac is equally impressive. We use 4 LED lights, a small microwave, TV, (3 channels!) and a coffee pot.

I'm glad to see Generac incorporated a conventional small in-line fuel filter, unlike Honda's filter that's inside the fuel line. The problem is the iQ2000's fuel filter is very difficult to reach and I'd like to know if anyone has changed one. Another comment: I installed a fuel cut -off valve on the Honda and would like to know if any of you folks have done this on an iQ2000. Thanks in advance. Tom


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Glad to see this machine getting some good marks. A few needless flashy features, but seems to be on par with Honda and Yamaha for once.

Post some pics once you do get it changed. I havnt seen one of these machines hit my shop yet which is a good thing so cannot comment on working on one.