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Generac: Generac NP-72G 7.2Kw - Control board needed.


I have this Generator, It was common used in RV's It was 120v @ 30A, But was easily converted to 240v @15A. It was a Dumpster find. from a hurricane a few years ago. Unfortunately the oil drain was cracked, I had started it up, it ran fine. but the next day, I noticed all the oil had poured out. I found the crack, cleaned it up well, and JB Welded it..Hasn't leaked a drop since. I try to keep the generators exercised at least run it for 15 min or more to let the battery charge up and cook any moisture out of the oil. But lately it's been hard to start, I traced the problem down to the control board. If i put pressure against the row of pins, It'll start. But sometimes it will not put out any power. Again, If i put pressure against the pins as i crank it, it'll start to generate.
So I am looking for a Generac 092234 RV Guardian Generator Control PCB
I seen one online, for a crazy price, But I am hoping someone will have one for a more reasonable price.
I thought i was going to need a regulator as well, but i don't think i will after discovering that the control board has an effect on it as well.
There might be a cheaper aftermarket board ??? I have no idea.

Thanks to anyone that can help..
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Birken Vogt

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It sounds like you found the problem and it could probably be fixed rather than replaced if you can find someone who repairs circuit boards. I have sometimes found those units do not excite unless you hold the switch in "start" a few seconds after the engine comes up to speed.


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I repair generac boards, but the board you need is potted in epoxy resin. If that's failed, its better $$$ and cents to buy a new one. Removing the epoxy is doable, but tedious and time consuming so as not to damage the PCB. Repairing one by the time you tally up the labor its nearly at the cost of a new one. You mention if you put pressure on the pins the machine starts and generates? It may not be the board pins but the connector pins?? Pics? Its a molex .196" type connector with a friction bridge. Chances are the pins are fatigued and/or need cleaning. The 15 pin white connector im talking about. There are two spade connectors on the side of it.

My hunch is that the connector pins are the issue, with a pin extractor tool, crimper, new pins, and a lot of patience, it can be repaired. I do it all the time with my pinball repairs since Molex is standard pretty much everywhere.


I know Molex connectors well. I too used to work on arcade games and pinball machines. ( used to work at an arcade game warehouse. )
I have taken potted stuff apart before, but i never had much luck with epoxy filled stuff. But i could give it a go.. nothing to loose but have to buy a new board.
I have tried to respring the connectors, ( they seem gold plated ) but i didn't get any better results. do you happen to have a pinout of the board.. what each wires function is.


Bassplayer1985 >>> Hey, I went back and double checked. I must have gotten confused with another generator,, I have a few of them..lol
Anyway, the pins are gold plated. and I hadn't resprung them. But i did yesterday, and the pins were wilted (tired looking) I took everyone of them out, 1 at a time.. resprung them. and reinstalled. Afterwards I tested, it.. it works great now.
Can't thank you enough.. I swore i had resprung them before, but i must of only thought it.
It starts each time now, and puts out power as well. ( I'll attach pictures soon )
Thanks again.