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Generac NP66G GN480 Motor Major Service & More


My old reliable ca 1997 NP66G, Genny is her name. She has provided over 4500hrs of reliable flawless service save a voltage regulator and solinoid.

Her & I had a spat early on when VR was failing. Sadly the argument was my fault. Seems i over looked putting the little spring back into the control panel so when it would make enough contacts she ran great until vibrations would shake away that contact. Don't laugh but i went through two weeks until a friend of a friend came to help with fresh eyes...Genny made her point, keep my hands off if it ain't broke.

OK, bring us forward to about 3 weeks ago. The low oil pressure shut off either failed or functions differently than i understood.

The was/is a leaky valve cover gasket. I always check oil and clean up several times a week as she is relied on for power on daily basis.

The bone dry oil state and a klunk. Motor kept running but i was right there shutting her down. That's when i noticed the leak and started kicking myself for not physically checking oil.

Ok, I'm gonna need advice to repair her. I haven't worked on more than and old lawn mower in over 30yrs. So I'm a bit rusty and will likely need some hand holding. I'm fine turning a wrench it's just i thought i gave that up. hahaha...

My plan is to get here out of the RV compartment, clean up the outside then read up on removing the outer shell.

It has to be time of a major service anyway...soooo

Question 1: What parts should be replaced or adjusted at this point, of course not including fixing what busted.

The oil pressure sensor for certain. Plugs & oil filter are new but will reduce place just before cause. Plug wires? Where will i find a set to buy? Standard lawn tractor supply?

I will add she still fires up just fine for a 5-second check.

I genuinely do not want to mess with power generator side...

I did pickup a inexpensive China made DuroMax 4000/3300 for $229 new on Ebay. Wanted an emergency backup anyway. It's a PITA changing oil pretty much every 20hrs run time but it's my penance.

OK, enough rambling and thanks for any suggestions on what to be on that lookout for and what really might need really placing while I'm elbows deep in n her innards.