Generac Propane 60kW Genset with ATS, help with Identifiying


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I have a early 80's Generac Propane 60kW genset with built in ATS. The two main control boards are missing, as is the DATA PLATE! I have included pictures of the unit, but no model or serial info. I am in need of the two cards that are missing and need a model #.




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It's a clean one but it's ancient.

Post a pic of the inside of the ATS section as well.
this is my best guess on the controls:

I think you also need the latch/crank or crank board, maybe 57355 for a latch crank or a 57358 crank board. I can't see anyone has them anywhere.

I'm pretty sure all the cards are obsolete. I've been working on them 11 years and I have never seen one quite like that.

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Early Generac units were a bit "different". That one is no exception. Very good condition for being so old though. If it was mine and I had a very specific reason to use it I guess I would rip into the wiring and replace it with modern controls. Otherwise, scrap it, sorry to say.