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Genie S60 Platform Rotator Rebuild


Thank you for the reply. I saw the marks, but wasnt sure how to line them up. It seems like the inner gear needs to be threaded part way up to line up the marks, but when I push the top section down it pushes the inner gear down, if that makes sense


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I remember one of them has 2 marks, the mating gear has 1, the single mark has to go between the 2 marks on mating gear. IIRC I installed the inner gear, took multiple tries to get it right, when I was close but not quite engaged had to use the center shaft to hold gear in alignment while I got the inner gear to engage, then pulled center shaft back out and had to use a flashlight to see inside while getting marks lined up on center shaft.

I remember somewhere in there I had to mark a spline with a sharpie so I could see it for engagement, thinking it was on inner shaft.

Got any pics to make sure we are talking about same actuator?


Thanks for getting back to me, but I decided to call in a service tech. It wasnt worth company time to keep messing with it. The hours were adding up :)