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Getting crud out of Powerback Gen fuel tank


I ran it dry and then put paper towel in long need nose pliers and soaked up the gas left about the fuel opening.

Thought about vacuum and it hit me. Went in my shop and got a 30 cal cleaning patch. Wiped GAA (Grease Arty and Arty) which is light tan and synthetic.

Clamped it in long nose pliers and pushed the patch in a daubing motion and pieces came out. Had to regrease the patch the final time and I got every piece of crud in the tank ! ! ! !

Looking at it closely it appears to be pieces of the plastic fuel tank and some other crud but I was sure proud to see it was all gone.

Will be interesting to see if there is any more. Will probably crank it off and put about 3000 watt load on it this afternoon.