Giverny, France - A Show of Fine Engines


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The Engine Is in the Meadow

September 7-8 , 2019

3Euros Entry, Free for children under 13.

Living Exhibition
Engine Demonstration
Tractors and Cars


Saturday from 14 to 18 Hours
Sunday 10 to 18 Hours

Restoration on the Spot

Le musée de Mécanique Naturelle

Museum gathering a superb collection of the first engines which were used to actuate tools (grinding stones, saws), generators of current, pumps, and various agricultural or industrial machinery.

The annual exhibition of stationary engines held at the beginning of September in front of the Hotel Baudy in the village of Giverny France. Run by the Musee du Mecanique Naturelle, also in the village, it attracts visitors and exhibitors from across Europe. By -- Henry OshikiPublished on Sep 6, 2018.

Le Moteur est dans le Pre (the motor is in the meadow) is an annual two day display of antique stationary engines held the first weekend in September in Giverny, France. Exhibits include a wide range of antique engines many rare and early, as well as some amazing replicas of engines that did not survive to the current day. Organised by a team from the Musee de Mecanique Naturelle in Giverny, a museum holding a fine collection of antique engines which is open to visitors throughout the year. By -- Henry Oshiki Published on Sep 7, 2017.

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