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Gold Standard upright 1/2 HP Maytag!!!

Marc P

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I am sure a lot of folks have seen the John Deere D that is painted gold and is said to be factory authorized to be painted in such a manner.

Here is what happens when your off work for a few days from being hurt and getting bored. This is 24K gold plated, Chrome sleeve, billet crank and connecting rod. Not to mention being bored 30 over and the forged piston with chrome molley rings. The crank bearing was also replaced with a timken needle bearing.

This engine was sent to Keith Blacks speed shop and printed and balanced. While at his shop they redesigned the carburator and ported and polished the engine.

On the dyno this engine would produce 3-3/4 HP@ 1724 RPMS. It would also produce 5-1/3 foot pounds of torque @ 1450 RPMS.

What do you think of Maytag now?


Brian Lynch

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:)Wretched excess!!!:).....I just wish it was MY wretched excess! That looks SOOO sweet. I bet it runs perfect. Build a better Maytag and the world will beat a path to your door. Great job! Could you post a video of it running?


That is amazing! Please post a video!

Just curious... how do you dyno something so small?

If you do get a video how hard would it be to get a video on the dyno.... I'd love to hear it loaded!

Marc P

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We didn't want to break the cylinder fins with the straps, nor did I want to spline the crankshaft,so we held it by hand.

You all should have seen it when we had the blower and turbo hooked to it! We had hold down problems when we hit the nitrous, it pulled the workbench around the shop like a taxiing airplane.

I can't do video, but if you can just imagine my hand spinning the flywheel while I'm going POP, POP, POP. This is the one needing the new flywheel. Anyone remember me saying I was hurt and getting bored? This engine was going to be decaled up like the Dukes Of Hazzard, But bugsys junkers ripped me off on the decals (even blew off the Idaho BBB.)

The golden Anniversary John Deere D however is legit. but I was kinda waiting on someone to ask me about the cushman decal on the tank, I guess it's hard to get past the Krylon 24 carat gold paint?


I was going to say it looked like krylon to me, but just incase I was wrong I kept my mouth shut!!!


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That's where my JK comes into play. Sure threw the story with that bit, ha :)

Mark Shulaw

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On the dyno this engine would produce 3-3/4 HP@ 1724 RPMS. It would also produce 5-1/3 foot pounds of torque @ 1450 RPMS. What do you think of Maytag now?[/QUOTE]

Cool a hot rod Maytag,!! I hope that old iron flywheel holds together at RPM. Gonna bring it to Portland to show? Mark S